Fourth Annual Calumet Heights Community Coalition

Sunday, July 11, 2010

8th Ward Aldermanic Office of Michelle Harris

As the Alderman of the 8th Ward, I am proud of being a public servant serving my community.The 8th Ward is located on the southeast side of the City of Chicago and encompasses the Avalon Park, Southshore, Cottage Grove Heights, Calumet Heights, Burnside, South Chicago and Pullman communities. The 8th Ward is one of the largest in theCity of Chicago and has over 500 streets and 64,000 residents.

Thomas' Restaurant
1657 East 87th Street

(773) 731-8227
Supports the Calumet Heights Community Coalition


  1. What a beautiful blog! Great idea for a commmunity coalition. I'll be there. L. Harrell

  2. Sassy Quotes for Empowering Women...Thanks for supporting this GREAT community cause. You are a visionary and a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR!